Main screen

Main screen

Start window

The Start window highlights the participants that are due for tick off.

It is a sliding time window, which moves forward as time passes on. Participants are entering the window, being ticked off (or DNS), and then, leaving the window.

Manual tick off

Tap on a participant to change his/her status:

Late start denotes a participant that was initially ticked off as DNS but has later shown up.


Search for participants by entering free text. There are two search modes (tap the search symbol to toggle):

Search all participants

Search all participants.

Search DNS participants

Search participants with status DNS (handy when looking for late arrivals).

Search syntax:

Anything means that all data fields are searched (name, organisation, class, bib number, start time, old and new card number, comment, start name).

Automated tick off

When the participant inserts his/her card into the SPORTident station, the card number is checked and the participant is automatically ticked off. Optionally, the card is also checked to be cleared.

If the inserted card does not match any participant:

Card not found


Edit participant

Change the card number:

A comment can also be entered (free text).



Start status reports

There are two types of start status reports:

The start status reports can be customised as described in the Settings section below.


Mail report

Email text and/or YAML reports.

Upload report

Upload YAML report to server.

The screenshots below show:

Start status (app)


Start status (inline report)


Start status (YAML report)



Time adjustment — The entered value is added to the current time:

Start window — The duration of the Start window. Suggested settings:


Beep when window changes

Give a sound signal (a short double beep) when the start window moves forward.

Automatic DNS

Participants who have not been ticked off as started will automatically get status DNS when leaving the start window.

SPORTident station

Automatic tick off OK

Give a sound signal (a few happy beeps) when a participant is automatically ticked off OK.

Failed to automatically tick off

Give an audible error signal (a buzzing sound) when a participant has an unknown card or is outside the start window.

Check that card is cleared

Check that card is cleared. This takes 1–2 seconds of extra time.




Start status report — Customisation of the reports.

There are two types of start status reports:

Select whether to include the following data in the start status reports:

Select which start status reports that are to be sent by email:

Status report customisation


Upload to server — Upload start status YAML formatted file to server using POST or FTP. The upload can be done manually, or, automatically every n:th minutes.

POST settings:

POST settings


FTP settings:

FTP settings


Import start list

The checklist (the start list) is imported through an XML file in accordance with IOF Data Standard 3.0, or, through a CSV file (comma-separated values). Please see the corresponding chapter in Start Clock: Workflow overview, or, the app's built-in help function.

Note that, unlike Start Clock, O Checklist imports participants that do not have a start time. To facilitate the handling of these participants, they can be given their own start. This does not have to be a separate physical starting location.

OTG setup

Use a USB On-The-Go (OTG) adapter to attach a SPORTident station to the phone/tablet (an ordinary USB cable does not work). Note that the SPORTident station is normally powered by the host (the phone/tablet). To extend the battery life of the phone/tablet, an OTG adapter with separate power cable for the SPORTident station can be used.

SPORTident setup


SPORTident setup