Airplane mode

Activate Airplane mode to prevent Start clock from being disrupted by other apps.

Besides incoming calls, Start clock may, for example, be affected by SMS, chat and mail. Airplane mode blocks telephony and internet, which can prevent such disruptions.

Start interval

Select start interval. Each interval repeats itself on the same min/sec every hour.


Select sound. Pick Silent to mute the start sound, which also mutes Get ready and Pre-warning sounds.

Get ready

Select number of Get ready beeps, or none.


Select if and when a Pre-warning beep is given.

Time source

Click on the satellite icon in the main timing window (upper right corner) to display GNSS status:

Orange satellite (blinking)

Locating satellites (blinking).

Orange satellite

Running, fair quality.

Green satellite

Running, good quality.

Grey crossed satellite

GNSS unavailable. Android™ Location switched off.

Grey forbidden satellite

Android permission Location not granted.

Red satellite

GNSS failure.

GNSS as time source

Place the device in an open area with a clear view for a large part of the sky. Trees and buildings as well as weather conditions may prevent accurate timing. Reliable timing is achieved only after several minutes of use. Do not use indoors!

Time adjustment

The entered value ± is added to current time. Usage:


Time zero

Enter zero time point hh:mm:ss — The main timing window displays a negative time counting towards zero when current time is 0–12 hours before time zero. When current time is 0–12 hours after time zero, a positive time counting upwards is displayed.

If using Time zero together with Start list, read more under Start list below.

Start list

Show an imported start list, or try this function with the built-in demo start list.

Interval start — Start Clock shows the participants who will start at the next start signal. All contestants start with a fixed time interval.

Chasing start (pursuit) — Start Clock displays each competitor as his/her start time is approaching, then gives a start signal. Settings:

The number of participants that can be displayed simultaneously is maximum 30 (15 if one column landscape), but is usually limited by the screen size.

One column displayed in landscape orientation Two columns displayed in landscape orientation

Select one or two columns in landscape orientation. Always one column in portrait orientation.

Info about imported start list

Show information about the imported start list. Display the start list.

Decrease text size Increase text size

Adjust the text size.

Import start list

How to find the import file

Troubleshooting import

Supported file formats

How to use Time zero together with Start list


Specify that one or more of the following properties are automatically applied to the main timing window:


Fullscreen. In fullscreen mode, there is no menu available in the main timing window. To enter Preferences, long press in the main timing window.

Max brightness

Max brightness.

Max volume

Max volume.

Info text

Enter a short message which is displayed in the main timing window.

Select text colour Select text colour

Select info text colour.

Aligned left Centered Aligned right

Align text (left, center, right).

Decrease text size Increase text size

Adjust the text size.

Move up Move down

Position the text vertically.

Steady text Flashing text

Control if and how fast the text is flashing.

Transparent text Opaque text

Adjust text transparency (opacity).

Text colours

Starting window

The starting window lasts for, as an example, ±5 sec relative to the start time (actual length is controlled by the setting Get ready). When the starting window is open, the Start text colour is used; at all other times Normal text colour applies.


Colour — Select background colour. Not available if a background image is displayed (remove the image to display a one-colour background).

Background image

Background image — Pick a photo from the gallery on your device. Start clock contains a preloaded background image, which is displayed until another image has been selected.


Remove — Stop displaying the background image and return to a one-coloured background.

Scaling of background image. Click to toggle between:

Centred cropped

Centred cropped — The image is centred and cropped to fill the display, maintaining the aspect ratio.

Centred inside

Centred inside — The image is centred but not cropped, maintaining the aspect ratio.


Fit image — The image is stretched to fill the display, which may distort the image.


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