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Start Clock

Start Clock is used to start contestants in a race (eg, orienteering, skiing, stair climb, rally, RC cars). Supports interval start as well as chasing start (pursuit). Works on phones and tablets of various sizes. Configurable with many different user settings.

O Checklist

O Checklist is a digital tick off utility for orienteering competitions. It records runner's status as Started or DNS, and, registers changed card numbers. Supports SPORTident station for automated tick off. Status is reported digitally (eg, email or FTP).

GNSS Viewer

GNSS Viewer (Global Navigation Satellite System) displays current GNSS information as reported by the built-in GNSS unit of your phone or tablet. It shows lat/long (or, UTM, SWEREF 99), alt, speed, course; calculates travelled distance; logs positions; and, plots your track on a map.

Sv. Kalender

En svensk kalender i form av tre s.k. widgetar: Månads­kalender, Dags­kalender och Veckon­ummer. Kalendrarna visar svenska helg­dagar, svenska namns­dagar och vecko­nummer enligt svensk standard. Bakgrunds­färg, text­storlek och datum­format väljs av användaren.

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